Student life

Truman Meyer wears mask


Iowa State’s student affairs professionals are working to meet the challenges of COVID-19 while maintaining an excellent student experience.

Department of Residence

Iowa State is offering both single and double occupancy in its residence halls for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Department of Residence is implementing a variety of sanitizing measures, as well as standards for residents’ behavior (wearing face coverings in common areas, for example). Additional information can be found on the residence department website.

ISU Dining

ISU Dining facilities, both in the residence halls and in cafes across campus, will adhere to public health guidelines. Among other measures, they will modify their operations to reduce capacities in their facilities, eliminate self-service options where possible in dining halls, and expand take-out options, including to-go meals and food trucks. Additional information is available on the ISU Dining website.

Face coverings and community expectations

Cloth face coverings and/or face shields are required anytime you are in the presence of others and anywhere you can’t maintain a 6-foot distance from someone – indoors or outdoors. Campus buildings will have signage to remind you. It’s a good idea to keep a face covering handy at all times, and make sure to wear it correctly – over your mouth and nose.

The Dean of Students Office, working with the Academic Continuity Workgroup, has developed a set of community expectations, which provides guidance for handling issues of non-compliance. Faculty and staff should contact their own supervisor when the situation involves another staff or faculty member. Modeling appropriate behavior and creating positive reinforcement are the best methods to encourage compliance.

Student organization activities

Participation in student organizations and their activities is an integral part of the Iowa State student experience. While most activities will remain unchanged, the organizations must also follow guidelines related to room capacities, face coverings, physical distancing, and food restrictions, among other items.

Events and activities outside normal meetings should be registered with the university’s online event authorization system. The Student Activities Center developed health and safety guidelines to help student organizations assess and mitigate risks.

Recreation facilities and services

Iowa State University recreation facilities, including Beyer Hall, State Gym, and the Lied Recreation Center, will be open with some restrictions. Generally, these include:

  • Face masks are required when entering and exiting facilities, and strongly encouraged at all other times
  • Closing of some areas (racquetball courts, for example) due to insufficient air circulation/ventilation
  • While individuals may shoot basketballs on available courts, pick-up games are not allowed due to physical distancing restrictions
  • If a spotter is needed for weightlifting, both individuals are required to wear masks
  • Equipment checkout and towel service will not be available
  • Running tracks will be closed

In addition, sanitizing spray will be available at multiple locations, and restrooms will be sanitized twice daily.