COVID-19 Response Team

While there has been an extraordinary amount of work done to prepare for the fall semester, we know more questions and challenges will emerge. College/Unit specific Response Teams have been established to assist faculty and staff with issues, for example, the need for additional classroom signage or more face coverings, or questions about the process if a positive COVID-19 case is reported in a class or department.

An overall University Response Team has also been created to coordinate university-wide actions.

Faculty and staff may call the Response Team central number to request assistance, report a problem, or share an idea of a creative, innovative approach to a recent challenge. The Response Teams will coordinate closely with the Emergency Operations Center and Fall Planning Executive Committee and supplement the existing response structures of Facilities Planning and Management, Department of Public Safety, Information Technology Services, and other service units. 

Supporting Unit Contact Information: 

  • Environmental Health and Safety: or 515-294-5359 
  • Facilities Planning and Management: or 515-294-5100, after hours 515-294-5100 
  • Logistics and Support Services (Central Stores): or 515-294-5762 
  • Department of Public Safety: 515-294-4428 
  • Information Technology Services Solution Center: 515-294-4000  
  • Dean of Students Office: or 515-294-1020 ‘ 
  • University Human Resources Service Center: 515-294-4800 

Academic Unit Response Team Contact Information: 

University Response Team 

  • Call the central number: 1-800-447-1985 
  • Representatives are available 24/7 to answer calls  
  • Your request will be connected with the appropriate person or unit 

    Response Team Members

    University Response Team  
    Frank PetersChair
    Rob BowersDepartment of Public Safety
    Bob CurrieFacilities, Planning and Management
    Kristine HeflinMemorial Union
    Amy HelgersonEnvironmental Health and Safety 
    Jared Hohanshelt Logistics and Support Services
    Shaun JamiesonRisk Management 
    Julie KiefferConference Planning and Management
    Mike KrapflCommunications
    John LawrenceExtension and Outreach; Chair of Fall Planning Executive Committee 
    Andrea LittleUniversity Human Resources
    Brett LohoefenerUniversity Counsel 
    Mike LohrbachInformation Technology Services
    Mark MillerISU Parking 
    Gary MirkaIndustrial Manufacturing and Systems Engineering
    Kristen ObbinkCOVID-19 Public Health Coordinator 
    Virginia Speight

    Department of Residence

    Kipp Van DykeDean of Students
    Academic Affairs Division Response Team Leads 
    Mark HoneymanCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    Valentina SalottiIvy College of Business
    Cameron CampbellCollege of Design
    Sriram SundararajanCollege of Engineering
    Bob ReasonCollege of Human Sciences
    Arne HallamCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Alex RamirezCollege of Veterinary Medicine
    Carolyn CutronaGraduate College
    Tammy JacobsHuman Sciences; Extension and Outreach
    Jerry ZamzowResearch
    Curtis BrundyUniversity Library