COVID-19 Emergency Operations

Senior Leadership Group

  • President, Wendy Wintersteen
  • Public information officer, Jacy Johnson
  • Senior Vice President and Provost,  Jonathan Wickert
  • Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance, Pam Cain
  • Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Toyia Younger
  • University counsel, Michael Norton
  • Vice President of University Human Resources, Kristi Darr
  • Public health incident commander, Erin Baldwin
  • Senior leadership group liaison, Chief Michael Newton
  • Moving forward coordinating committee chair, John Lawrence
  • University response team chair, Frank Peters

Incident Management Leadership, Unified Command

  • Emergency operations center director, Steve Simpson
    • Emergency operations center deputy director, Rob Bowers
  • Emergency operations center manager, Clayton Oliver
    • Emergency operations center deputy manager, Amy Helgerson
  • Public health incident commander, Erin Baldwin
  • Senior leadership group liaison, Chief Michael Newton
  • Working groups

Moving Forward Coordinating Committee

  • Chair and Vice President for Extension and Outreach, John Lawrence
  • Associate Vice President for Student Health and Wellness, Erin Baldwin
  • Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Kristen Constant
  • Vice President for University Human Resources, Kristi Darr
  • Dean of Engineering, Sam Easterling
  • Associate Vice President for Campus Life, Pete Englin
  • Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Sharron Evans
  • Chair of Department of Chemistry, William Jenks
  • President-elect of P&S Council, Chris Johnsen
  • Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police, Michael Newton
  • University Counsel, Mike Norton
  • University Response Team Chair, Frank Peters
  • Strategic Communications Advisor, Rob Schweers
  • Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Reg Stewart
  • Associate Provost and Academic Continuity Working Group, Ann Marie VanDerZanden
  • Associate Vice President for Institutional Financial Strategy, Bonnie Whalen
  • President-elect of Faculty Senate, Andrea Wheeler
  • Coordination with all Working Groups

University Response Team

  • Chair, Frank Peters


*Public Health Incident Command

  • Incident commander, Erin Baldwin
  • Technology coordinator, Kristen Constant
  • Safety officer, EH&S
  • Operations, Clayton Oliver
    • Case investigation, Sara Parris, Maria Pringle and Brian Vanderheyden
    • Contact tracing, Shaun Jamieson and Kurt Beyer
    • Faculty notifications, Frank Peters and Kipp Van Dyke
    • Testing/Call center, Mike Giles and Peter Cruz
    • Transportation, Wendy Stensland and Rodger Main
    • Quarantine/Isolation, Mark Miller and Bill Diesslin
    • Vaccinations, Jessica Shannon
  • Planning, Amy Helgerson and Jessica Shannon
    • Data, Matthew Pistilli and Liz Housholder
    • Public health advisors, James Roth and Alejandro Ramirez



Updated May 12, 2021

Working Groups

  • Academic continuity, Ann Marie VanDerZanden
  • Events and gatherings, Kurt Beyer
  • Finance and logistics, Bonnie Whalen
  • Health services, Erin Baldwin
  • Housing and dining, Pete Englin
  • Human resources, Kristi Darr and Andrea Little
  • Information technology, Kristen Constant
  • International, Shaun Jamieson
  • Research continuity, Jerry Zamzow
  • Workforce protection, Paul Richmond


Emergency Operations Center organization chart

Emergency operations center organization chart


Public health incident command organization chart