Cartoon history of the land-grant

Three 19th century men read books at a table

Universities used to be for certain kinds of people.

First man: "Here's the deal. The feds give us land. We sell it and start a college. Second man: "Sign us up.$quot; Third man: "We're No. 1."

In 1862, Congress' Morrill Act, created a new kind of university. Iowa was the first to accept the law's provisions.

Men and women canoe on Lake LaVerne. Swan 1: "There's something different about this place, Lance." Swan 2: "I hear you, Elaine."

The land-grants were founded on three radical ideas . . .

Three students at desks, one flirting with the other, and the third, raising his hand. Professor: "Mr. Carver?"

Idea No. 1: Higher ed should be open to all -- women, minorities, the working class.

Boy writing letter: "Dear Dad. First day in scientific farming was great. Campus is nice. Love, Billy. P.S. You're planting the corn all wrong."

Idea No. 2: Universities should teach practical subjects, like farming, engineering and home ec.

Presenter in train car, showing drawing of large ear of corn: Good evening, ladies and germinators. Hee... hee.

Idea No. 3: Universities should share knowledge with people throughout their states. Iowa State profs started the first traveling farmer institutes and "seed corn trains."


Written by D. Pounds, The Iowa Stater; Illustrated by Buck Jones